Maintenance of drains and septic tanks – The Do’s & Don’ts

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Maintenance of drains and septic tanks – The Do’s & Don’ts

Today, I hope to discuss the do’s and don’ts of proper drain and septic tank care. In a household, many drains are exposed to harsh natural and man made chemicals frequently. Some of these chemicals can damage the PVC piping, potentially causing many types of damage. The damage can range from leaks, blocked/or poorly working drains to negatively affecting the bacterial processes present in septic tanks.

Drains and general waste disposal


Many people see their kitchen or bathroom sinks as a means to dispose of garbage and they use it accordingly. This of course, is not the case as there are plenty of precautions a homeowner and septic tank user must be aware of. Your drains are not bins, their function is to handle and process wastewater. Although they can be used to dispose of certain chemicals in small quantities like certain chemically based cleaning products, even still, it is unwise to dispose of these kinds of products in large quantity due to their chemical nature.

Assessing damage of pipes and how to remedy the problems

If your piping system has been damaged or is not functioning properly there are many ways to remedy this problem. The most recommendable way of dealing with these problems is to seek professional assistance. If you decided to try and solve a problem that you have little knowledge of, you may end up causing more damage. This is why hiring a plumber is the suitable way of tackling the problem.

Seeking professional aid

There are many different kinds of blockages and leaks, and many different ways to deal with them. A professional possesses the knowledge and machinery to properly diagnose and deal with a problem. Some problems might even require machinery that only professionals have access to, for example; a CCTV camera on a drain probe.

drain blockages identified by cctv drain surveys
Due to the multitude of possible faults that could be found in a drainage system, and the many ways of dealing with the problems; it is recommended that hiring a professional to deal with the situation is the right course of action. Certain household problems can’t be solved properly without the people who have the appropriate knowledge and skills. If you do try to deal with a drainage problem with only have the know how; you may end up finding a temporary solution for a permanent problem, or even do more damage to the system unbeknownst to you.  Drain problems can vary from the wrong waste you or your family have been putting down the toilet and sinks, problems with other properties on the waste system line further down leading to blockages filling back up towards your property or a very common problem are tree roots growing through the drain liner. Many of the above are problems limited to mains waste systems and drains however some are prevalent in septic tank systems. The only way to be sure is to call in the professionals. If you need a septic tank inspected or cleaned / septic tank emptying in Meath, Kildare, Offaly or Westmeath,  Click here for further information 

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The Professionals – depending on were you are living in Ireland we recommend talking to the following drain cleaning and drain repair specialists that my engineering practice have been dealing with for many years, these guys know their stuff when it comes to drains, drainage systems, pipe blockages and pipe damage. CCTV drain surveys they provide can identify the problem quickly and easily – drain jetting equipment is brought to every job to quickly get your drains and sewers back working normally.

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If you’re still having problems with understanding all the guides and guidelines; The EPA has you covered. The EPA is the authority on drainage systems; they are responsible for defining many of the guidelines that set the standard for modern septic tanks instillation and maintenance/upkeep. The EPA has many articles that clearly define exactly what to do and what not to do in regards to septic tank ownership.

There’s no harm in reading up on these guidelines from time to time. Doing so will keep hopefully keep the do’s and don’ts fresh in your mind. This in turn has the potential to protect your homes piping and septic systems from many sorts of possible damage. A little bit of studying and preparation can go a long way when it comes to the upkeep of household facilities.

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Below we have included some of the basic EPA guidelines on Septic tanks – with links to other EPA websites with further information.


Article – Post Author :  Patrick Kelly