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Yes this is Just another Word Press site but then WP is the best thing since sliced bread (we think!). So here's an invite to come and join us here and leave some Word Press advice - 'Techy' blog posters wanted*


Rather than fill up some pages with content we aim to build this from the ground up so bare with us if some sections have slim pickings, we are working away in the background busily. If you have something to contribute shoot us an email at: write@iwebireland.info

 Our Story

Our Story

Most authors are professionals in a wide variety of sectors and business services all of which take place in Ireland. A good deal of the information is relating to construction as this is my own vocation and sector & this has lead to associations with a large group of construction, property, legal and professional companies hence writing and discussion is about things of this nature. I aim to diversify and it is the primary reason for starting this blog, not always having a place to post some information just because it doesn't totally or directly relate to the site. This site has no such boundaries and we will strive to bring a wide variety of topics.

Some Categories

Just some of the posts grouped together in handy categories for your review. Enjoy !
Water & Waste
Water & Waste
Taking care of our natural resource. Water water everywhere but it has been a topical subject of late in Ireland. Keeping away from a water charges debate we have posts here on Rainwater harvesting to Septic tanks and a range of information about this natural resource.
New Homes Buying or Building a new house
New Homes Buying or Building a new house
Some tips from the Surveyors and engineers that are designing building and inspecting the new homes on the market today in Ireland. Houses have changed significantly in the last five to ten years so what you need to know is here .......
Work place  Keeping staff safe & busy
Work place Keeping staff safe & busy
At busier times you see how certain equipment and workplace organisation enables your employees handle higher output - cut out mistakes and accidents and look at some of these products that might help. Discussion of the 5 's' Japanese work method also.

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