Bitcoin – Todays value

Crypto currency and block chain mining….. what’s it all about. Most people aren’t interested, rather what’s the value of their bitcoin and what will it’s value be, when to ‘cash out’ ? Which CC to invest in, which currency will be the next big thing. Load’s of questions some of which I can give simple answers to, some … well the explanations are hard to get ones mind around!

Bitcoin Value

Ethereum Value

Litecoin Value

Litecoin is similar in structure to Bitcoin and I’ve chosen it for comparison purposes. Back in 2008 when Bitcoin launched it had a tiny value associated with it (18 cents 0r €0.18) and as of the beginning of 2021 its value is up at €30,000 + . Litecoin at the time of writing this is around €130.00 but has risen in value from €50.00 approx only 3 months ago.