Dip your toe in Crypto

I choose to use Coinbase.com & Revolut for the small change I’ve invested in Crypto coin. The crypto currencies purchased can be traded (bought / sold / exchanged on both platforms and as Revolut is so handy I’m only buying coins that can be traded there as well as coinbase. If you want to join coinbase.com use the referral link : https://www.coinbase.com/join/flemin_k8am

Which crypto coins to choose?

I primarily went for the low cost start up coins a few of which are detailed in the graph below , these are like spring planted coins with the small change I invested in each it’s an exercise in what grows best, in what climate and the conditions are ripe for new currencies to take off, the easier they make it for countries around the world to exchange money, pay for goods and get paid for work done is all it will take for some of the new coins to blossom.
Things we take for granted in the 1st world these days – getting access to our money, getting paid electronically, securely and in a timely fashion – not getting killed with fees ( well there are always some fees* so do check what it costs to buy and sell).

For example I invested €50 in one of the crypto currencies I purchased and the trade cost me €2.99 Not a huge amount , and on a sliding scale had I invested more.

Getting paid & paying out your money – is crypto the answer ?

However it’s not like this the world over, we take electronic fund transfer and a few other payment trusted methods for granted, many countries in Africa and the middle and far east have a myriad of money transfer payment methods and they purposefully don’t interchange / or ‘talk to each other’. Therefore leaving many many citizens, hard working folk, traders etc. A. find it hard to get paid & B. find it hard to pay for goods and services in the payment they have accepted and accrued. When you do the quick sum ” time is money”, and you work out the amount of time it takes for you to get paid and find a way to pay out or get access to your funds in a multitude of countries around the globe you quickly realize that crypto coin makes sense and interchangeable crypto currency exchangeable with traditional fiat currency such as the USD $ , the GBP £ and our own EURO € alongside a host of other currencies.

The four low value crypto currencies I’ve purchased and made my little investment to watch what grows and what’s going nowhere!

Ok, firstly a well known site easy to set up and trade on, will give you $10 and me $10 just for the referral, so every cent counts, and when you’ve invested your first 90 bucks, you get your free 10 and I get mine ! Sweet 🙂
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1. Stellar Lumens (XLM)

XLM was the first crypto coin I choose, I read up the prediction however it was done on a tip so to speak from a friend who does a lot of short term trading. She said it was worth a #short term spin’ let it double or triple and then move it on to something else was the advice. I’ll keep an eye on it and decide what to do if any growth comes over the weeks and months ahead.

2. NKN (NKN)

* I also purchased a tiny bit of GALA and got some free AMP, these are new coins and aren’t listed on the graph software yet ! ,

3. Cardano (ADA)

Remember – $10 for you and €10 for me when you join coinbase.com through my referral link! If you had bought $10 worth of Bitcoin back in Feburary 2011, it now would be worth $540,000 ! Worth thinking about LOL – Use referal link : https://www.coinbase.com/join/flemin_k8am