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What exactly do garden designers do to make your outdoor spaces beautiful?


Calling up garden designers near me for an initial consultation at the site or garden and chat with clients about what they want to achieve, gauge some ideas on their preferred designs. During this discussion the garden designers get to find out what you would like to achieve with your garden. Questions will arise such as is it a family garden, what type of living space – deck, patio, veranda do you require, do you have a dog, would you like a center piece or water feature, how much maintenance are you prepared to put in?

Garden designers sketch and ideas turned into complete 2D drawing of your dream garden and ideal garden space
2D rendered drawing of garden designers plan


If your garden landscaping project is sizeable large garden designers will carry out a survey to take measurements and record layout of the existing garden surfaces such as lawns, beds, hard surfaces & existing structures. The survey of large gardens will record boundaries and the location and types of existing trees, plants and backdrop vegetation. Other items examined include views, light and shade, drainage and the slope of the garden.
The survey plan of your existing garden can then be utilized as a template which the new garden design can be over laid upon.

Concept Garden Design Plans
The concept plan shows the main features and suggested hard landscape materials and a planting style. Upon completion of a garden survey, the client is presented with plans ,quantity survey of cost of garden build and a storyboard. This service varies in cost depending on the size of the garden.‚Äč
If your large garden site is especially steep or large and there are severe level changes, you may need to employ the services of a surveyor to assist your garden designers achieve the desired plan with the site ground levels and any changes to the finished ground level in a large garden. This is very important similar to foundations on a house so it is important to include this in the overall garden design costs.
A land surveyor such as Conspect engineering Ireland can assist in this survey work and specification of any recommended works to achieve the garden design planned such as retaining walls etc. Also if raised features or fencing is a component of the garden design it is important to have professional surveyor advice on planning guidelines and requirements for a raised garden level or raised features like a deck. Also the position and height of fencing may require planning advice and submission to the local authority planning office. You can contact Conspect engineering based in both Dublin & Westmeath at their website here
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Working alongside your landscaping and garden designers are the contractors employed to bring the plans to reality in your garden. Eden landscaping are recommended professional landscaping contractor based in Dublin and Westmeath and serving all counties across Leinster – visit their website: