Mezzanine flooring system

Buy a mezzanine floor from Fayco and you are guaranteed an Irish made low cost mezzanine floor fabricated at our Dublin workshop and installed at your warehouse anywhere across the country.  The project in this photo shows the steel floor structure prior to the decking and features to be installed.
A Fayco mezzanine floor system installation underway with main support beams and mezzanine main support columns installed. The precision designed floor system has all the flanges on the main support beams ready to accept the secondary deck beams or purlins on which the chosen decking and fixtures are placed.

Low cost mezzanine floor solutions

When you buy a mezzanine flooring system from Fayco our site surveyor will work with your business to negotiate the difficult obstacles such as structural building columns, bulky equipment and other fixed machinery that needs a work around, finding a low cost mezzanine floor solution that’s efficient, functional and tailormade for your specific requirements. The images contained in this post are of a production mezzanine floor with a range of features set out to meet the clients needs. With over three decades of experience in the design, construction and installation of mezzanine flooring you will find that our team have the knowledge skill and know-how to bring the agreed floor solution into existence.

Mezzanine flooring system

Mezzanine flooring system features available include:

  • Steel construction fall protection along all exposed edges of the raised floor
  • Kicker toe boards at the foot of all fall protection railings ensuring correct health and safety construction detail
  • Pallet safety gate for loading pallets on to the production mezzanine floor space
  • Twin workbenches with product chutes allowing easy movement of finished product to the store floor area below
  • Twin steel staircases for easy access and egress to the raised floor area
  • All storage shelving integrated below the mezzanine on the ground floor area allowing ease of access and distribution
Fayco - low cost mezzanine floor  |  Irelands premier mezzanine floor supplier

To arrange a free site survey and discuss your mezzanine floor requirements with Fayco engineering you can call us on Dublin – 01-8200100 or drop us an email:
Further information on the various types of mezzanine floors can be viewed on our website and you can also see some more floor types and designs here….