Pi Network – The new Crypto currency, This is how a block chain like Bitcoin starts

What is the value of Pi?

To be clear from the outset – Today Pi is worth approximately 0 dollars / euro etc. similar to Bitcoin in 2008. Pi’s value will be backed by the time, attention, goods, and services offered by other members of the network

This is a new crypto currency block chain that can be mined but from your phone. The advantages are:

  1. Decentralized Secure, Immutable, non-counterfeitable and interoperable digital money.
  2. Mobile First Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery.
  3. User & Planet-Friendly – Easy to use security at scale, without the massive electrical waste.

How do I get Pi or start to mine it ?

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/jamieMikey01 and use my username (jamieMikey01) as your invitation code.
It’s as simple as that. You then begin to grow your network, inviting people to join Pi network and log into your mobile daily to click and mine some Pi.

All the questions you have and explanation of how block chain / crypto currency works, when it will gain value or can be ‘Cashed in’ are all on the website & contained in the white paper from it’s founders at Stanford.
There are a few other handy little gizmo’s on the app, one of which is a Covid map / like the Covid app’s many countries have you log in and declare if your symptom free or if and what symptoms you have, the neat bit I found was it actually showed on a map near me who had symptoms etc. so if i wanted to avoid that area I could choose to do so.
As the Pi network grows ( it was at 10 million users a couple of weeks ago when a friend mentioned it to me, its now at 12 million on the day I joined and began to mine Pi ) so I don’t think they will be long getting it to 100 million users and phase 3 /4 where your new crypto currency gets a value attributed to it like a fiat currency € or $. A lot depends on what services and value can be attributed to it and like bitcoin this will grow.

The website with all the details can be found here……….


The white paper for those who want to understand the technical aspects of how a currency can be ‘invented’ from thin air : READ MORE HERE