Top 5 New homes in Dublin that exemplify build quality

Top 5 New homes in Dublin that exemplify build quality

A question often asked of me by clients when they are making a booking for a snag list and they find out that you have inspected homes at the development they are purchasing in:

” how did I find the build quality?” or ” Were there many issues with the homes I snagged in the past?”

In my experience the homes & developments below are above average and I have found the snag lists are in most cases shorter and easily dealt with by the builders (Gannon homes, MKN, Castlethorn, Cairn Homes, Ballymore).

A couple of important things to mention

  •  Every home or property unit is individual so the type and quantity of snags can be very different from one to another. I have yet to come across a home with no snag issues. Many other homes and builders across the city achieve a good standard (though usually with the help of Conspect Engineering !)
  • The price of the properties is not relevant to me as a professional carrying out a snag list inspection – quality, best practice, building regulations & standard of materials should be the same no matter what cost the new home is sold for.

Taking an impartial overview to all the new housing developments across Dublin city there are 5
particular developments that in my opinion standout and are worthy of mention.

Churchfield – Churchfield, Clontarf, Dublin 3

snag list Churchfield | snag list Clontarf | Snag list Dublin 3 | snag list Dubin

Royal Canal Park – Royal Canal Park, Ashtown, Dublin 15

snag list Royal Canal Park | Snag list Ashtown | snag list Dublin 15

Belltree – Belltree, Clongriffin, Dublin 13

snag list Belltree | snag list Clongriffin | snag list Dublin 13

Parkside – Parkside, Malahide Road, Balgriffin, Dublin 13

snag list Parkside | snag list Malahide | snag list Balgriffin | snag list Dublin 13


Belarmine – Belarmine Woods, Stepaside, Dublin 18


Why these five new home developments ?

– To begin with each construction type used has a proven track record & in some respects keeps it simple from a design perspective but this approach bares a surety and quality with attention to detail in concealed spaces through to the finishes on view. It is these very details that when overlooked or circumvented brought about situations like Priory Hall, Riverwalk Court & Longboat quay to name but a few.

– When instructed to carry out a snag list on these homes my site inspection follows a number of previous inspections which is part of the builders quality check regime.
In some cases two or three professionals engaged on these projects (Architect, Engineer, Site Manager, etc.) carry out their in house ‘snag lists’ and rectify any issues before releasing the properties to the buyer for the traditional independent snag list process. It means sometimes we struggle to find fault but this is a good thing for the end user and just means we have to work a bit harder to find and identify faults.

– When a problem is identified whether it be design, general damage or defective materials a professional dialogue and approach is given to ensure a reasonable resolution is found with the customers satisfaction provided the merit it warrants. I have never been brushed off with the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude that a lot of builders think is acceptable.

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