Why have a snag list on a new home?

The importance of home inspections

Multiple trades

Each new home / house or apartment has a myriad of trades involved in the the construction, a wide array of materials & oversight of he project by engineers & project managers – all in the employ of the builder of developer.
In 95% of builds all checks and balances are adhered to, however when either the market takes a down turn, or a dodgy builder is involved, lazy tradesmen, or over worked engineers ……… The Ball can be dropped quite easily.

Conspect engineering snag lists are your independent surveyor / snag list inspectors, and not to put to blunt a point on it………. our responsibility isn’t whether you buy the home or not, our job is to make sure it is 100 % ready for occupancy, fit for purpose & in a quality state.
No matter how hard a snag list item is to fix, that’s the builders issue, either do it right first time or find a qualified trade to carry out the work.

The old adage – measure twice and cut once has meaning in home building, So consider our surveyors the measuring tape!

Mike Fleming

Record of snag list issues

When a snag list report is published it should be kept on file, as any hidden issues within walls / floors or issues we have highlighted and the builder has carried out a poor fix, the report serves as a reference point to approach the builder for correct rectification of the snag issue. If not, the report will serve in a legal proceeding. So keep a copy on file or in your email! Note a builders snag list isn’t the same as an independent professional snag list – the builder in most cases will cut corners. Buyer beware, If your spending €300 K – €700 K or more on your new home, our fees at Conspect engineering & renewable energy are miniscule for one of the most throughout inspection and snagging checklist services on the market. Similarly our sister company Snag my Home provide the same top class services at the same prices.